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¡La cooperativa es el camino para tener cosechas generosas y prosperidad!

Número de Cartel: PP 838
Información sobre el cartel: Poster is in Hungarian language. Written on newspaper the woman is reading: "Kossuth Cooperative Farms Plan for 1951-52".
Tamaño: Please inquire
Tipo de cartel: Offset
Fecha de publicación: c. 1952
Información técnica: Publisher in charge: Regős Gábor; Printing manager in charge: Károly Radnóti
Información en el catálogo: PP 838 Comecon-Warsaw Pact
Artista: Pal, Gyorgy (Pál, György) — Пал, Дьёрдь
Imprenta: Szikra (Spark) Press and Publishing House, Budapest —
Szikra (Spark) Press and Publishing was located at 10 Honvéd Street in Budapest, Hungary. It served as the main literature and propaganda communicator for the Hungarian Communist Party. Formed in 1944, Szikra’s infrastructure was developed via the nationalization of the Pallas and Stádium printers in the town of Szeged. When the publisher moved its headquarters to Budapest, it occupied the former Catholic Publishing Company offices. During Szikra’s early years of development, Hungarian publisher Imre C...
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Editorial: Publisher not indicated —