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¡No habrá ni un holgazán el día de Pascua!

Número de Cartel: PP 288
Tamaño: 32x24.5
Tipo de cartel: Lithograph
Fecha de publicación: c.1925
Información técnica: Publication No. 38602; Order No. [illegible]...R. 30; No. 63
Número de Glavlit: A-59981
Información en el catálogo: PP 288 Communist Culture
Artista: Urbetis, Konstantin Kazimirovich — Урбетис, Константин Казимирович
Imprenta: Printer not indicated —
Editorial: State Publishing House — Государственный издательство
The State Publishing House had its origins in Imperial Russia as the Royal Print Yard of St. Petersburg. In 1917, the Soviets nationalized the print yard and requisitioned its presses. From requisitioning emerged the Publishing House of the Petrograd Soviet that was formed in the winter of 1917 by the Literary and Publishing Department of People's Commissariat for Education. In 1919, the State Publishing House in St. Petersburg changed its name to Petrogosizdat (Petrograd State Publishing) and in 1924, ...
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