Poster Plakat A Collection of Posters from the Soviet Union and its Satellite Nations

Translation: Glory to our Sailors!
Poster Number: PP 1023
Category: Military
Artist: Solov'ev, Mikhail Mikailovich — Соловьёв, Михаил Михайлович
Poster Notes:

The machine gun seen in this poster is the PPSh-41.
The naval badge illustrated reads “Outstanding [Excellence] in Torpedo” and contains image of a submarine or torpedo.

Media Size: 38x29
Poster Type: Lithograph and Offset
Printer: 3rd Krasnii Proletarii (Red Proletarian) Typography Workshop of Glavpoligrafizdat, Moscow
Printer Notes: The 3rd Krasnii Proletarii Typography Workshop of Glavpoligrafizdat was located at 16 Krasnoproletarskaia Street in Moscow. Glavpoligrafizdat (Main Administration for Matters of Polygraphic Industry Publishing and Book Selling) was created in 1949 to oversee printing, publishing and book selling in the USSR.
Publisher: Iskusstvo (Art Publishing House), Moscow
Publishing Date: 1952
Publisher Notes: Founded in 1936, Iskusstvo was formed out of Ogiz-Izogiz, the “State Art and Literature Publishing House”.
Editorial Information: Editor G. Klodt
Technical Information on Poster: Approved for printing August 4, 1952. Publication No. 9950. Order No. 1391. Volume 1 sheet of paper. Price 1 ruble.
Glavlit Directory Number: A05361
Catalog Notes: PP 1023 Military b