Poster Plakat A Collection of Posters from the Soviet Union and its Satellite Nations

Translation: Books and textbooks on all branches of knowledge can be found in stores of the State Publishing House of the RSFSR.
Poster Number: PP 1108
Category: Education & Literacy
Artist: BoB-CaT — БоБ -КоТ
Poster Notes: Background banner: “Books to the Masses! –Lenin”.
Media Size: 32.5x22.5
Poster Type: Lithograph
Printer: GIZ Lithography
Printer Notes: Giz Musical Score Printing House was a sub-set printer for Gosizdat (Gosudarstvennoe izdatelstvo RSFSR), the State Publishing House of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.
Publisher: Gosizdat (State Publishing House)
Publishing Date: c.1928
Publisher Notes: Gosizdat was formed in Moscow in May 1919 via the merger of the publishing houses of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee, the Moscow Soviet, the Petrograd (St. Petersburg) Soviet, the Moscow Communist, the People's Commissariat of the RSFSR, and others. It was the first major state-controlled publisher formed for the purpose of joining the nation's printing and publishing entities under a single institution. While Gosizdat existed somewhat independent of the government, by 1930 it served as the base of the state publishing conglomerate, OGIZ -- "Association of State Publishing Houses" -- the entity that united Soviet publishing houses under complete state control.
Technical Information on Poster: Publication No. 25382; E.No. 0320; Telephone 11-85
Glavlit Directory Number: A-9232
Catalog Notes: PP 1108 Education & Literacy