Poster Plakat A Collection of Posters from the Soviet Union and its Satellite Nations

Translation: Peace -- That is Happiness
Poster Number: PP 192
Category: Cold War
Artist: Golub’, Petr Semenovich — Голубь, Петр Семенович
Poster Notes: The soldier illustrated on this poster has shed his South Korean military badge.
Media Size: 35.5x26
Poster Type: Offset
Printer: Leningrad Offset Printing Plant
Publisher: IzoGiz (State Publishing House of Fine Art), Moscow
Publishing Date: 1953
Publisher Notes: Izogiz was the fine arts section of Ogiz publishing. In 1963, Izogiz was re-named Sovetskii khudozhnik, "Soviet Artist".
Editorial Information: Editor E. Povolotskaia.
Technical Information on Poster: Izogiz Publication No. 10549. Approved for printing September 14, 53. Volume 1 sheet of paper. Price 1 ruble. Order No. 1382.
Glavlit Directory Number: A-06070.
Catalog Notes: PP 192 Cold War b