Poster Plakat A Collection of Posters from the Soviet Union and its Satellite Nations

Translation: Raise higher the level of political activity of exploited agricultural workers and the poor! Let's unite them with independent farmers against the exploiters!
Poster Number: PP 193
Category: Communist Culture
Artist: Artist Unknown — неизвестный художник
Poster Notes: Poster is in a Farsi script and Russian language. This poster has an anti-Kulak message dating from the period of 1929-1932 during the "liquidation campaign" of land-owning peasants who were called Kulaks.
Media Size: 32.5x25.5
Poster Type: Lithograph
Printer: Tatpoligraf, Kazan
Printer Notes: Tatpoligraf (Tatar Poligrafic Enterprise) was a printing trust formed in 1927 to consolidate printing houses in the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic that were outside the jurisdiction of Tatgosizdat (Tatar State Publishing House). The Vostok Lithography (at 4 Kazanskaia Street, Kazan) as well as the Proletarskoe Slovo (Proletarian Word) Lithography in Kazan were under Tatpoligraf management.
Publisher: Publisher not indicated
Publishing Date: 1928
Glavlit Directory Number: illegible…2044
Sources: Karimullin, A. G. (1989). Stanovlenie i razvitie tatarskoĭ sovetskoĭ knigi, 1917-1932: Ocherki o vedomstvennykh, spetsialʹnykh i kooperativnykh izdatelʹstvakh Tatarskoĭ ASSR.
Catalog Notes: PP 193 Communist Culture