Poster Plakat A Collection of Posters from the Soviet Union and its Satellite Nations

Translation: 1917-1946 Glory to the Red Army who defended the achievements of the Great October Socialist Revolution!
Poster Number: PP 306
Category: Military
Artist: Koretskii, Viktor Borisovich (Koretsky, Victor) — Корецкий, Виктор Борисович
Poster Notes: The machine gun seen in this poster is the PPSh-41.
Media Size: 40x28
Poster Type: Offset
Printer: Krasnii Proletarii (Red Proletarian), Moscow
Printer Notes: The 3rd Krasnii Proletarii Typography Workshop of Moscow was located at 16 Krasnoproletarskaia Street in Moscow. Its history began under the ownership of the Russian entrepreneur Ivan Kushnerev who founded the Ivan Kushnerev & Company Printing Shop in 1869 in Moscow. When Kushnerev died in 1896 his printing company was one of the largest in Imperial Russia. The shop was nationalized by the Soviets in 1919 and consigned to the Printing Section of the Moscow Economic Council under the Poligrafkniga (Book and Magazine Printing) Trust. At that point, the printing shop was re-named the 3rd State Typolithography Workshop. It became the 3rd Krasnii Proletarii Book Printing Plant when its location (on Pimenovskaia Street) was re-named Krasnoproletarskaia (Red Proletarian) Street. By 1924 the printer was under the management of Gosizdat (State Publishing House). While this printer retained the Krasnii Proletarii name, its management (via a series of state trusts) varied over the next fifty years.
Publisher: Iskusstvo (Art Publishing House), Moscow-Leningrad
Publishing Date: 1946
Publisher Notes: Founded in 1936, Iskusstvo was formed out of Ogiz-Izogiz, the “State Art and Literature Publishing House”.
Editorial Information: Editor A. Druzhkov
Technical Information on Poster: September 7, 1946; Publication No. 7296; Volume 1 sheet of paper; Order No. 1670; Price 1 ruble
Glavlit Directory Number: A 09901
Catalog Notes: PP 306 Military