Poster Plakat A Collection of Posters from the Soviet Union and its Satellite Nations

Translation: Railroad worker, enter into cooperation The way to socialism passes through cooperation
Poster Number: PP 355
Category: Industry
Artist: Artist Unknown — неизвестный художник
Media Size: 31x25
Poster Type: Lithograph
Printer: GIZ Lithography
Printer Notes: GIZ/Gosizdat (Gosudarstvennoe izdatelstvo) was the State Publishing House of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. It was formed in Moscow in May 1919 via the merger of the publishing houses of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee, the Moscow Soviet, the Petrograd (St. Petersburg) Soviet, the Moscow Communist, the People's Commissariat of the RSFSR, and a host of others. GIZ became the first major state-controlled publisher formed for the purpose of joining the nation's printing and publishing entities under a single institution. By 1921, 50 local printers and publishers were organized under the GIZ banner.
Publisher: Transposection Organizational Department Publication
Publishing Date: c.1927
Publisher Notes: Transposection was division of the Consumer Cooperatives Union for the employees of rail and water transport. It oversaw consumer cooperatives for transportation workers.
Glavlit Directory Number: 15534. Gublit, provincial section of Glavlit
Catalog Notes: PP 355 Industry