Poster Plakat A Collection of Posters from the Soviet Union and its Satellite Nations

Translation: "Long Live Woman of the USSR, the Builder of Socialism." [On large flag at center] "Women Workers and Women Peasants of the USSR Send Greetings to Working Women of the Whole World."
Poster Number: PP 596
Category: Women
Artist: Makarychev, Il'ia Pavolovich — Макарычев, Илья Павлович
Poster Notes:

[On smaller flags] "England, France, Germany, Italy, United States, China, Japan, India, Turkey, "
[On globe] "10 Years of the USSR"

This poster was produced by Proletkult, an artist co-op called Proletarskaia Kultura (Proletarian Culture). It was established in 1917 to provide the foundations for proletarian art said to have been "liberated" from bourgeois, pre-Soviet culture. Although its membership tried to remain apolitical, the organization advocated the proletariat would create a culture where art emphasized collective accomplishments of individuals, workers and peasants. Proletkult peaked in the early post-revolutionary period before being absorbed into the adult education section of the Commissariat of Education in 1920.
Media Size: 42x29
Poster Type: Lithograph and Offset
Printer: Mospoligraf (Moscow Polygraphic) 15th Lithography Workshop, Moscow (formerly Mashistov)
Printer Notes: Mospoligraf 15th Lithography Workshop in Moscow was located at 23 Bol'shaia Sadovaia Street. Its history begins with Ivan Mikhailovich Mashistov (1851-1914), founder and managing director of Mashistov Typolithography. His company printed magazines, historical books, and during the First World War, it printed and published patriotic posters. Under the Soviets, the Mashistov Lithography Workshop became the 15th Lithographic Workshop and was also known as the MGSNKh (Moscow City Council of National Economy) Typo-lithography Workshop. In 1921, the Soviet Union formulated a plan to consolidate the nation’s largest and best printing operations into state-owned trusts and in 1922, the Mospoligraf Trust was organized to consolidate the Moscow printing industry. Mospoligraf was the second-largest Moscow printing trust outside of Mospechat’. Both trusts secured a myriad of local printing houses. As a result, the 15th Lithography Workshop was managed by Mospoligraf.
Publisher: Mossovet (Moscow Soviet of People's Deputies)
Publishing Date: 1927
Publisher Notes: Mossovet was the Moscow City Hall and this publishing entity was part of city government.
Glavlit Directory Number: 45278. Mosgublit, Moscow provincial section of Glavlit
Catalog Notes: PP 596 Women