Poster Plakat A Collection of Posters from the Soviet Union and its Satellite Nations

Translation: The proletariat of a great country, the avant garde of the building of the world revolutionary professional movement. [On flag near top of poster] Workers Of All Countries, Unite! 10 Years Of PROFINTERN!
Poster Number: PP 699
Category: Revolution
Artists: Korobov, Alexander Alexeevich — Коробов, Александр Алексеевич; Anderson, Voldemar Petrovich (Anders, Vladimir) — Андерсон, Вольдемар Петрович (Андерс, Владимир);
Poster Notes: Poster is in Russian and English with another unidentified language. The Profintern is the Red International of Labor Unions, a world-wide organization established by the Communist International to carry-out Communist aims within trade unions. By the 1937, the Profintern was phased out when the "Popular Front" came of age as a new Leftist-leaning international organization.
Media Size: 42x30
Poster Type: Lithograph
Printer: Mospoligraf (Moscow Polygraphic), Moscow
Printer Notes: In 1922, the Mospoligraf Trust was organized to consolidate the Moscow printing industry. Outside of Mospechat’ trust, Mospoligraf was the second printing trust organized in Moscow and, it secured a myriad of printing houses once under local “printing sections”. The 26th Lithography Workshop was one of the printers that was placed under the Mospoligraf Trust.
Publisher: A.Kh.R. (Association of Artists of the Revolution)
Publishing Date: 1932
Publisher Notes: The Association of Artists of the Revolution was an artist cooperative from 1928 to 1932. From 1922-1928 it was called the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia.
Technical Information on Poster: Order A.Kh.R. No. P 2066.
Glavlit Directory Number: 68414
Catalog Notes: PP 699 Revolution