Poster Plakat A Collection of Posters from the Soviet Union and its Satellite Nations

Translation: Glory to the Revolution 1917
Poster Number: PP 738
Category: Revolution
Artist: Ivanov, Viktor Semenovich — Иванов, Виктор Семёнович
Poster Notes: On the sailor's cap is the word "Aurora", the battleship that fired its cannons in order to signal the initiation of the 1917 October Revolution.
Media Size: 40x27
Poster Type: Offset
Printer: Kalinin City Poligrafkombinat of Glavpoligrafprom
Publisher: Sovetskii Khudozhnik (Soviet Artist), Moscow
Publishing Date: 1966
Editorial Information: Editor S. Grigor'ev
Technical Information on Poster: [Approved] May 17, 1966; Publication No. 1-66; Volume 1 sheet of paper; Order No. 334; Price 10 kopeks; 8-2-2/66
Glavlit Directory Number: A14246
Catalog Notes: PP 738 Revolution b