Poster Plakat A Collection of Posters from the Soviet Union and its Satellite Nations

Translation: Glory to the Soviet of the Latvian people who won victory over the forces of German and Japanese imperialist fascism!
Poster Number: PP 765
Category: World War II
Artist: Zauer, N. (Zauers, N.) — Зауерс, Н.
Poster Notes: Poster is in Latvian language.
Media Size: 39x26
Poster Type: Lithograph
Printer: VAPP Typography, Riga
Printer Notes: VAPP is the Department of State Book Publishers and Polygraphic Enterprises (Valsts apgādniecības un poligrāfijas uzņēmumu pārvaldes).
Publisher: VAPP (Department of State Book Publishers and Polygraphic Enterprises), Riga
Publishing Date: 1946
Editorial Information: Editor J. Leli. Technical Editor A. Peterson.
Technical Information on Poster: Price 3 rubles.
Glavlit Directory Number: JT03041.
Catalog Notes: PP 765 World War II b