Poster Plakat A Collection of Posters from the Soviet Union and its Satellite Nations

Translation: Women, Join The Cooperative! A woman is useful as a co-worker but dangerous as an enemy.
Poster Number: PP 794
Category: Industry
Artist: Artist Unknown — неизвестный художник
Media Size: 31x24.5
Poster Type: Lithograph
Printer: Russian Partnership, Moscow
Publisher: Tsentrosoiuz (Central Union of Consumers' Societies)
Publishing Date: 1917
Publisher Notes: The Central Union of Consumer Societies (Tsentrosoiuz) was created after reorganization by the Soviets. The entity was formerly known as the Moscow Union of Consumer Societies (MSPO).
Technical Information on Poster: 1917. No. 1.
Sources: Soviet Posters of the era of the Civil War 1918-1921 by B.S. Butnik-Siverskii (1960), page 404, poster 2564
Catalog Notes: PP 794 Industry b