Poster Plakat A Collection of Posters from the Soviet Union and its Satellite Nations

Translation: The executioners of Spain will not escape the people's wrath!
Poster Number: PP 821
Category: Cold War
Artist: Koretskii, Viktor Borisovich (Koretsky, Victor) — Корецкий, Виктор Борисович
Poster Notes: [Banner slogans: “Freedom to the Spanish people!” [Russian]; “Amnesty!” {Spanish]; “Franco – Assassin!” – “Freedom” [English, German] ; “Democracy” [Italian, German]; ”Liberty!” [Spanish]; “Peace!” [Spanish, Russian]; “Down with the Butcher Franco”; “Long Live Peace!” [French]
Media Size: Please inquire
Poster Type: Lithograph and Offset
Printer: 1st Exemplary Typography Workshop named for A. A. Zhdanov, Moscow
Printer Notes: Formerly this printer was the Sharapov-Sytin Partnerhip before nationalization of the printing industry.
Publisher: IzoGiz (State Publishing House of Fine Art)
Publishing Date: 1963
Publisher Notes: Izogiz was the fine arts section of Ogiz publishing. In 1963, Izogiz was re-named Sovetskii khudozhnik, "Soviet Artist".
Editorial Information: Editor G. Shc[hetkin]
Technical Information on Poster: Approved for printing May 18...[illegible]
Glavlit Directory Number: A05330
Sources: Wolf, E. (2012). Koretsky: The Soviet photo poster : 1930-1984.
Catalog Notes: PP 821 Cold War b