Poster Plakat A Collection of Posters from the Soviet Union and its Satellite Nations

Translation: Peace will be maintained and will last if the nations [people] take into their hands the issue of the preservation of peace and persist with it throughout. - J.V Stalin
Poster Number: PP 826
Category: Stalin
Artist: Belopol'skii, Boris Naumovich — Белопольский, Борис Наумович
Poster Notes: Poster is in Hungarian language. See PP 153 in the Collection for the Russian language version of this poster
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Poster Type: Offset
Printer: Offset Printing House, Budapest
Publisher: Hungarian-Soviet Society Newspaper and Agitational Material
Publishing Date: c. 1952
Publisher Notes: The Hungarian-Soviet Society was founded in 1945 as a cultural association with political aims. While it disbanded after the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, it was reconstituted in subsequent years and it remained a social-political group in Hungary until 1989.
Technical Information on Poster: MSZ. 328-1952.IV. [1952 April]; Accountable [Printing] Manager, Gyula Pomayer; Publisher in charge, József Török.
Catalog Notes: PP 826 Stalin; Sister poster PP 153