Poster Plakat A Collection of Posters from the Soviet Union and its Satellite Nations

Translation: The steps of the Red Army are formidable! The enemy will be destroyed in his lair!
Poster Number: PP 926
Category: World War II
Artist: Deni (Denisov), Viktor Nikolaevich — Дени (Денисов), Виктор Николаевич
Poster Notes: This poster was published two months prior to the Soviet take-over of Berlin. The flag at the top of the Berlin Reichstag reads "World Conquest", the crest below reads "Enslavement of Peoples" and below that it says "Fascism". The Reichstag's columns are marked: Goering; Goebbels; Himmler; Hitler.
Poster Type: Lithograph
Printer: Krasnii Proletarii Typography Workshop, Moscow, 16 Krasnoproletarskaia Street
Printer Notes: Krasnii Proletarii means "Red Proletariat". This printer was formerly the Ivan Kushnerev & Company Printing Shop prior to Soviet nationalization
Publisher: Iskusstvo (Art Publishing House), Moscow-Leningrad
Publishing date: 1945
Publisher Notes: Artist V. Deni.
Editorial Information: Editor K. Erinova
Technical Information on Poster: [Approved] February 7, 1945; Publication No. 6647; Size 1 large sheet; Order 819; Price 2 rubles
Glavlit Directory Number: A14074
Catalog Notes: PP 926 World War II b