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By participating in the third cash and goods lottery you are helping the front! Lottery prizes

Poster Number: PP 594
Category: World War II
Poster Notes: [Ticket at top left] The Third Money and Goods Lottery. Ticket Price twenty-five rubles. Public Commissariat of Finance of the USSR; During the war the Soviets organized lotteries to raise money for the Red Army and the winners received not just cash prizes but much needed retail goods, too.
Media Size: 28х21
Poster Type: Lithograph
Publishing Date: 1943
Editorial Information: Editor E. Povolotskaia
Technical Information on Poster: Volume 1/2 printing sheet; Order No. 594; Price 1 ruble 50 kopeks
Glavlit Directory Number: L55322
Catalog Notes: PP 594 World War II
Artist: Mukhin, Boris Aleksandrovich — Мухин, Борис Александрович
Printer: Gosplanizdat, Moscow —
Gosplanizdat is the "State Publishing House of the Economic, Planning and Accounting and Statistical Literature of the State Planning Committee of the USSR"
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Publisher: Gosfinizdat (State Publishing House of Financial Literature) — Госфиниздат (Государственное издательство финансовой литературы)
The State Publishing House of Financial Literature disseminated information related to financial matters. Created in 1924 as a specialized publishing house, in 1928 it was transformed into the State Publishing House of Financial Literature of the USSR.
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