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…Let’s put the USSR into cars and farmers on tractors… (Stalin). 5 years of AVTODOR. For a multimillion AVTODOR

Poster Number: PP 567
Category: Industry
Poster Notes: Poster is in Ukrainian language. AVTODOR was an early Soviet organization for road construction.
Media Size: 47x32.5
Poster Type: Lithograph
Publishing Date: 1932
Technical Information on Poster: Order No. 831 Dzerzhinskii Chromolit. Kharkov.
Glavlit Directory Number: 6970. Ukrlit, Ukrainian section of Glavlit
Catalog Notes: PP 567 Industry b
Artist: Aleksandrov (Selezen'), Aleksandr Ivanovich — Александров (Селезень), Александр Иванович
From 1904 to 1914, Aleksandr Aleksandrov Selezen’ studied at the Kharkov Art School. He began to exhibit his works starting in 1917, in Sebastopol. During the Russian Civil War, he fought in the Red Army, and during this period, he produced posters, portraits and theater decorations. After the war, he worked at various Ukrainian publishing houses. He created paintings, such as Geroicheskii Donbass v 1919 [The Heroic Donbass in 1919] and Pushkin szhigaet svoi manuskripty [Pushkin Burns his Manuscripts] (1937), among ot...
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Artist: Kirillov, S. — Кириллов, С.
Printer: Chromolit Lithography Workshop named for Comrade Dzerzhinskii, Kharkov — Хромолит Типо-литография имени т. Дзержинского, Харьков
Located in the town of Kharkov in the Ukrainian SSR, the Chromolit Lithography Workshop was named in honor of Feliks Edmundovich Dzerzhinskii (1877-1926). Dzerzhinskii was head of the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission (VChK) that was also known as the Cheka, a "secret" police unit that handed internal and political affairs.
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