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Long live the USSR

Poster Number: PP 532
Poster Notes: Printed at the 14 Zhukov Street address
Media Size: 44.5x31
Poster Type: Lithograph and Offset
Publishing Date: 1972
Editorial Information: Editor O. Spiridonova
Technical Information on Poster: October 16, 1972. Publication No. 1-1808. Volume 1 sheet of paper. Order No. 2224. Price 10 kopeks. 8-2-2/72
Glavlit Directory Number: A11613.
Catalog Notes: PP 532 Communist Culture b
Artist: Nikolaev, A. — Николаев, А.
Printer: Moscow Offset Printing Plant —
The Moscow Offset Printing Plant has a long history in Russia's capital city. This printer was previously the 5th Mospoligraf plant of Moscow in Chistye Prudy at 14 Myl'nikov Way, later Zhukov Street. In 1921, the Soviet Union formulated a plan to consolidate the nation’s largest and best printing operations into state-owned trusts. In 1922, the Mospoligraf trust (“Moscow Polygraphic”) was organized to help consolidate the Moscow printing industry. Outside of Mospechat’, the Mospoligraf trust was the seco...
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Publisher: Izobrazitel’noe Iskusstvo (Fine Art Publishers) — Изобразительное Искусство
Founded in 1963, Izobrazitel'noe Iskusstvo (Fine Art Publishers), was dedicated to producing monographs, books, textbooks and study guides on the visual arts. It also published postcards and posters. Prior to the publisher's organization, Izogiz (State Publishing House of Fine Art) produced the lion's share of fine arts material for publication in the USSR and abroad.
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