Fulfill the five year plan in four years! 1923 - 1948 25 years of civil aviation in the USSR

Poster Number: PP 094
Category: Economy
Poster Notes: The message here is early fulfillment of the nation's Five Year Plan. This poster was not created for Aeroflot's anniversary but for the anniversary of Dobrolet, an airline that started regular internal flights in the USSR in I923. The airplane illustrated is an Ilyushin Il-12, a post-World War II commercial aircraft.
Media Size: 39x30
Poster Type: Lithograph and Offset
Publishing Date: 1948
Editorial Information: Editor A. Danilov
Technical Information on Poster: Publication Dept. of Aeroflot. Order No. 5098; Lithography Workshop Order No. 695
Catalog Notes: PP 094 Economy
Artist: Sakharov, Sergei Georgievich — Сахаров, Сергей Георгиевич
Printer: Krasnii Proletarii (Red Proletarian), Moscow — Красный Пролетарий, Москва

The Krasnii Proletarii Workshop originated under the ownership of Ivan Kushnerev, a Russian entrepreneur who founded the Kushnerev & Company Printing Shop in 1869 in Moscow. When Kushnerev died in 1896, his printing operation was one of the largest in Imperial Russia. In 1919, the printer was nationalized by the Soviets and consigned to the Printing Section of the Moscow Economic Council (MSNKh). Around 1920, it was placed under the Poligrafkiniga (Book and Magazine Printing) Trust and was given the name 3rd State Typolithography Workshop. By 1921, it became the 20th State Typolithography Workshop, and later it was named the 3rd Krasnii Proletarii Book Printing Plant when its location (on Pimenovskaia Street) was changed to Krasnoproletarskaia (Red Proletarian) Street. In 1924, the 3rd Krasnii Proletarii was placed under the State Publishing House, Gosizdat. In the 1930s and into the 1950s; the printer served Partizdat / Gospolitizdat (State Publishing House of Political Literature), a foremost publisher of political literature and propaganda materials. The printer retained the Krasnii Proletarii moniker over the following decades even though its management varied under a series of state-owned trusts.

Publisher: Aeroflot Editorial-Publication Department — Аэрофлот. Редакционно-издательский отдел

Aeroflot (air fleet) was the USSR's commercial air provider and it also happened to be the largest airline company in the world prior to the USSR's political demise in 1991. Commercial air travel in the USSR initiated in 1923 when the Sovnarkom approved the expansion of the Red Air Fleet. Thereafter, the Enterprise for Friends of the Air Fleet (ODVF) was formed and it was followed by the creation of Dobrolet (Russian Society of Air Fleet Volunteers). Dobrolet later became the nation's first civil air carrier until 1932 when Aeroflot was accorded the rights. By 1935, Aeroflot was carrying 110,000 passengers annually. In 1956, it began the world's first sustained jet service with flights from Moscow to Irkutsk using a Tupolev (Tu-104) aircraft.