Let us extend socialist competition more widely to fulfill and exceed the fifth year of the Five-Year Plan!

Poster Number: PP 302
Category: Workers
Poster Notes: Written on the flag: Under the flag of Lenin-Stalin toward the complete victory of communism!
Media Size: 36x26
Poster Type: Lithograph
Publishing Date: 1953
Editorial Information: Editor V. I. Kushchenko
Technical Information on Poster: Approved for printing January 26, 1953; Publication No. 15/9067/ Order No. 262.; 60 x 92; Volume 1.41 sheets of paper; Counted sheets of paper 2.0. (1 sheet of paper)
Glavlit Directory Number: PK 22502
Catalog Notes: PP 302 Workers
Artist: Zubarev, Pavel Pavlovich — Зубарев, Павел Павлович
Pavel Pavlovich Zubarev studied as an artist in the studios of Novorossiysk (1914-16), a port city on the Black Sea in southern Russia. During his career he participated in Republican and All-Union poster exhibitions held in the USSR.
Printer: Chromolithography named for Il'ich, Rostov-On-Don —
This lithographer was named in honor of Vladimir Il'ich Lenin and was under the state-owned trust of Oblpoligrafizdat (Regional Department for the Polygraphic, Publishing and Book Trade Industries). The entity was located in Rostov-On-Don, a city in southern Russia.