M.S.P.O. [Moscow Union of Consumer Societies] Away with credit! Selling for credit is evil! It’s necessary to fight against it! The goods are worse and more expensive; Cooperatives are the new strength of the peasants. The country is awakening and is changing little by little.

Poster Number: PP 407
Category: Agriculture
Poster Notes: [On sign above door of shop] "Business of P.I. Brovkin"; [On the brick building] Mercantile Coop No. 3; [On sign outside the brick shop] "Credit Partnership"; [Posters pasted on brick building] "Become cooperators; the power of our movement is in cooperation".
Media Size: 31x24.5
Poster Type: Lithograph
Publishing Date: c.1917
Technical Information on Poster: 1 of 1 sheets of paper
Catalog Notes: PP 407 Agriculture b
Artist: Shchankin', Vasilii Nikolaevich — Щанкин, Василий Николаевич
Printer: Russian Partnership, Moscow — Русское товарищество, Москва
The printing house of the Russian Partnership was located on Mylnikov Lane in Moscow. During the Russian Revolution, the house was nationalized and became the 5th State Typolithography Workshop. In the years following its nationalization, the 5th Lithography was placed under the Mosoblpoligraf printing trust.
Publisher: MSPO (Moscow Union of Consumer Societies) — МСПО (Московский Союз Потребительных Общества)
Moscow Union of Consumer Societies (Moskovskii Soiuz Potrebitel'nykh Obshchestva) was abbreviated as MSPO and it was formed in 1897. In 1917, the Soviets reorganized it under an association of unions and changed its name to the Central Union of Consumer Societies (Tsentrosoiuz). The new structure under Soviet control was built around territories consisting of a regional union (raisoiuz), a provincial union (gubsoiuz), and a central union (Tsentrosoiuz). Soviet Cooperatives sold their own goods and had distinctive brands ...