Women Workers and Women Peasants! Go for cooperation. Fulfill the precept of Il’iich [Lenin] Strengthen Cooperation! Cooperation is the way to liberation for women workers and women peasants. The properly oriented woman worker and woman peasant should be a member of a cooperative.

Poster Number: PP 431
Category: Women
Media Size: 33x21.5
Poster Type: Lithograph
Publishing Date: c.1920
Technical Information on Poster: Moscow.
Glavlit Directory Number: 19358
Catalog Notes: PP 431 Women
Artist: GB — ГБ
Printer: Transpechat' of NKPS (People's Commissariat of Transportation and Communication) — Транспечать НКПС
Transpechat' (Transport Printing) was a state-owned trust that disseminated advertising and literature for the NKPS (People's Commissariat of Transportation and Communication). While the trust oversaw a number of printers in the USSR, its headquarters was in Moscow at 46 Bol'shaia Pereiaslavskaia Street.
Publisher: Tsentrosoiuz (Central Union of Consumers' Societies) — Центросоюз
MSPO (Moscow Central Union of Consumers' Societies) was established in 1898 and it gained significant membership throughout Imperial Russia after 1907. After its reorganization by the Soviet government, MSPO became part of an association of consumer unions and its name was changed to the Central Union of Consumers' Societies (Tsentrosoiuz). In May 1921, Tsentrosoiuz became the single government agency responsible for distribution of wholesale consumer goods in the country.