Peasant Women! Raise silk worms. It will Increase the Income of your household.

Poster Number: PP 601
Category: Industry
Poster Notes: This poster was issued by The Uzbekistan Middle Asia Silk Institute at the “Turksholk” (Turkish Silk) Joint Stock Company. The Middle Asia Silk Institute was a research department.
Media Size: 45x32
Poster Type: Lithograph
Publishing Date: c.1930
Technical Information on Poster: Order No. 1362
Catalog Notes: PP 601 Industry b
Artist: Artist Unknown — неизвестный художник
The artist's name on the poster is not indicated. By assigning Artist Unknown to a poster it also could mean the artist used a chop mark whereby no signature is seen thus rendering the artist's identity anonymous.
Printer: Uzpoligraf Typolithography, Uzbekistan — Типо-Литография Узполиграф треста, Узбекистан
During the early 1930s, the Uzbekistan-based Uzpoligraf printing trust consolidated a bevy of printing shops both large and small operating within the UzbekSSR and it placed them under state control. Uzpoligraf's principal headquarters were located in Tashkent.
Publisher: Publisher not indicated —