We will raise you to grow up to be strong and healthy !

Poster Number: PP 797
Category: Youth
Poster Notes: The poster on the wall of the nursery is, "Stalin’s kindness illuminates the future of our children!", by artist Iraklii Toidze, 1947.
Media Size: 34.5х25.5
Poster Type: Offset
Publishing Date: 1952
Editorial Information: Editor T. Teplova.
Technical Information on Poster: Submitted for printing July 7, 1952. Publication No 9936. Order No. 713. Volume 1 sheet of paper. Price 1 ruble.
Glavlit Directory Number: A 05370.
Catalog Notes: PP 797 Youth
Artist: Eiges, Olga Viacheslavovna — Эйгес, Ольга Вячеславовна

Olga Viacheslavovna Eiges began to exhibit professionally starting in 1927. From 1930 to 1934, she studied at the Moscow State Academic Art College in Memory of 1905, and from 1934–1939, she was a student at the Moscow Institute of Visual Art (a.k.a. Surikov Institute) in their Department of Posters where she studied under Aleksandr Deineka, Lev Bruni, and Vladimir Favorskii. Eiges graduated from the Institute in 1939. As a poster artist, Olga Eiges illustrated for the Institute of Health Education and for the State Circus of the USSR where she produced portraits of circus performers and sketches of the audience. She also designed advertising posters for the Foreign Trade Chamber of the USSR, for Intourist, and she designed a host of governmental/political posters. From 1941-1945, her poster designs involved themes popular during WWII. In 1941, Eiges joined the Moscow Union of Soviet Artists. In 1943, after returning to Moscow (following mandatory evacuation due to the war), Eiges worked on a monumental art brigade elaborating interiors of Moscow metro stations and administrative buildings. In the post-war years, she continued to work in the field of poster design and graphic arts. In 2014, Olga Eiges was the subject of a one-woman show at the Kovcheg (Ark) gallery in Moscow.

Artist: Shervinskaia, Irina Evgen'evna — Шервинская, Ирина Евгеньевна
Printer: Ukrpoligrafizdat Book Manufacturing Plant named for Frunze — Укрполиграфиздат (Республиканское управление печати, издательства и книжной торговли им. Фрунзе)

In May 1949, the Republican Directorate for Printing, Publishing and Book Trade (Ukrpoligrafizdat) was created by order of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR. The Ukrpoligrafizdat plant was located in Kharkov, Ukrainian SSR at 6, 8 Donets-Zakharzhevskaia Street. The plant was named in honor of the late Mikhail Vasilyevich Frunze (1885-1925) the People's Commissar for Military and Naval Affairs.

Publisher: Iskusstvo (Art Publishing House), Moscow — Искусство, Москва

Iskusstvo was the Art Publishing House (A.K.A. Visual Arts Publishing) that was created in 1936 from Ogiz-Izogiz (State Art and Literature Publishing House). It disseminated books and journals dealing with graphic design and the fine arts, and it issued numerous posters. Since the Iskusstvo banner was part of the State Printing Works in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) and Moscow, its two main offices were located in those two cities.