Printers! Let’s make the Third Year of the Five-Year Plan a Shock-Worker Year by Fighting to Fulfill the Promfinplan'. January 1st [written n Russian and in Georgian]. Long Live the 2nd Day of the Shock-Worker. Review of Fighters who Should Fulfill the Five-Year Plan in Four Years

Poster Number: PP 801
Category: Economy
Poster Notes: Promfinplan (Promyshlenno-finansovyi plan) was the Industrial Financing Enterprise Plan that guided the economics of every factory, mill, or industrial enterprise.
Media Size: 41x32
Poster Type: Lithograph
Publishing Date: c. 1930
Technical Information on Poster: "Sarma" [It is not certain that 'Sarma' is the publisher's name but the word on the poster where a publisher would be indicated]
Glavlit Directory Number: 1741
Catalog Notes: PP 801 Economy
Artist: Mirzoev, Grigorii Iosifovich — Мирзоев, Григорий Иосифович
Printer: VSNKh (Supreme Soviet of the National Economy) of Lithopoligraf Trust —
Publisher: Publisher not indicated —