These are “Human Rights” in the Capitalist World. 128.4 billion dollars – budgeted by the USA, the chief citadel of capitalism, during fiscal year 1979 for military purposes. This includes nuclear, thermonuclear, and neutron bombs, “flying fortresses,” and airborne rockets: the blood and tears of millions of people. [partial translation]

Poster Number: PP 818
Category: Cold War
Poster Notes: This poster is oversized.
Media Size: Please inquire
Poster Type: Lithograph and Offset
Publishing Date: 1978
Editorial Information: Editor: L. Laguta; Technical Editor M. Gridasova
Technical Information on Poster: Approved for printing September 22, 1977, Format 70 x 90 (cm); 2 sheets (2.4 standard sheets); Publication No. 1g-455; Offset paper No. 1, Order 7615; Price 80 kopeks.
Glavlit Directory Number: A-13695
Catalog Notes: PP 818 Cold War (oversized)
Artist: Koretskii, Viktor Borisovich (Koretsky, Victor) — Корецкий, Виктор Борисович
Of the noted photomontage poster artists Viktor Borisovich Koretskii stands out as one of the most iconic. Koretskii attended the Moscow Secondary School of Professional Art from 1921 to 1929. He began working as a professional graphic designer in 1931 and immediately gained recognition in the Soviet Union. Koretskii perfected his own technique of photomontage using a combination of photographs and pencil drawings topped with gouache -- a mixture of pigments, water and a binding agent. The artist’s ...
Artist: Kirshin, Iurii — Киршин, Юрий
Printer: Typography Workshop of Zoria Publishing House, Dnepropetrovsk —
Zoria means "Star"
Publisher: Plakat (All-Union Poster), Moscow — Плакат
Plakat (All-Union Poster) was created in 1974 in Moscow through the work of the Union of Artists and the Central Committee of the Communist Party. The chief of its poster department was Dmitry Akimovich Isaev. Plakat publishers existed until 1991 whereupon it was renamed Panorama publishers.