Long Live the 28th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution! The end of the war! The fascists from Berlin and their allies from the East – the samurai [and] the brave divisions of the titan-like people, who went forth, proudly defending the homeland. [Partial translation]

Poster Number: PP 939
Category: Events
Poster Notes: [Background banner] "The long-awaited peace for the peoples of the whole world has arrived!" -- Stalin; Elder army veteran is wearing the Imperial “Order of St. George” 3rd class while the Soviet-era soldier (at right) is wearing the medals of the Order of the Red Banner, the Order of Glory 3rd class and, the Medal for Courage (with incorrect ribbon colors).
Media Size: 34x25.5
Poster Type: Lithograph
Publishing Date: c. 1945
Editorial Information: Text by G. Ter-Gevondian; Editor V. Nikitin; Technical Editor S. Aizenshtark
Technical Information on Poster: Order No 445; Price 14 rubles
Glavlit Directory Number: PK 23167
Catalog Notes: PP 939 Events b
Artist: Gints, Stefan Ivanovich — Гинц, Стефан Иванович
Printer: Chromolithography named for Il'ich, Rostov-On-Don —
This lithographer was named in honor of Vladimir Il'ich Lenin and was under the state-owned trust of Oblpoligrafizdat (Regional Department for the Polygraphic, Publishing and Book Trade Industries). The entity was located in Rostov-On-Don, a city in southern Russia.
Publisher: Art Fund of the USSR — Художественный фонд СССР (РСФСР)
The Art Fund of the USSR was an organization developed with financial support of the state and with the Artists’ Union of the USSR. The Artists’ Union of the USSR administered the Art Fund of the USSR in addition to managing the Board of Exhibitions, the Central Educational and Experimental Workshop, the Propaganda Poster Agency, and the Sovetskii Khudozhnik Publishing House. Via decree, wages paid to union artists and designers included payments to the Art Fund...