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The day of international cooperation must become a day of solidarity of revolutionary cooperatives.

Poster Number: PP 357
Category: Industry
Media Size: 30.5x22
Poster Type: Lithograph and Offset
Publishing Date: c.1930
Technical Information on Poster: Siblito (Siberian Lithography) 570; Order No. 4822
Catalog Notes: PP 357 Industry
Artist: Klement'evv, Arseni Nikolaevich — Клементьевв, Арсенй Николаевич
Printer: Typo-photo-zinc-lithography of the Poligraftrust, Novosibirsk — Типо-фото-цинко-Литография Полиграфтрест, Новосибирск
Little information is available on this printer. It was managed by a state-owned printing trust, and it was a photo-zincography workshop. The process of photo-zincography (a.k.a. zinco) was introduced by the English in the 1850s. Opposed to lithography (using a stone to transfer images on paper), zincography transferred photos to a zinc plate which was inked and applied to paper. Zinc plates were lighter, transported safely, and they permitted faster copying. While photo-zincography ...
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