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There: elections are directed by monopolistic American agents. Here: free elections [are held] such as never before during the bourgeois regime.

Poster Number: PP 978
Poster Notes: Poster is in Czech language.
Media Size: 34.5x25.5
Poster Type: Offset
Publishing Date: 1954
Technical Information on Poster: VČT 0101
Catalog Notes: PP 978 Comecon-Warsaw Pact
Artist: Haas, Lev — Хаас, Лев
Printer: Orbis, Czechoslovakia —
Orbis Nakladatelství (Orbis Publishing House) was located in Prague, Czechoslovakia at 46 Stalinova (today, 46 Vinohradská) Street. It also had a printing operation. The publisher's origins herald back to 1921 when it was developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Orbis turned out literature concerning politics, sociology, art, technology, economics and tourism. It also published newspapers and magazines. Under the state-controlled economy of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (from 1948 to 1989), Orbis was under the control of the Ministry of In...
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Publisher: Ministry of Culture, Czechoslovak Socialist Republic — Министерство культуры, Чехословацкой Социалистической Республики