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What the republic has given as top priority to the starving Siberian region. [Partial translation]

Poster Number: PP 787
Category: Economy
Media Size: 29x20.5
Poster Type: Lithograph
Publishing Date: c.1920
Technical Information on Poster: RVTs (Passed by Military Censor)
Catalog Notes: PP 787 Economy b
USSR Region: Regions
Artist: Artist Unknown — неизвестный художник
The artist's name on the poster is not indicated. By assigning Artist Unknown to a poster it also could mean the artist used a chop mark whereby no signature is seen thus rendering the artist's identity anonymous.
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Printer: Simbrisk Typography Workshop No. 2 — Симбриск Типография №2
Simbrisk is a town located east of Moscow. In 1924 it was re-named Ul'ianovsk in honor of Vladimir Lenin whose birth surname was Ul'ianov.
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Publisher: State Publishing House, Siberia — Государственное издательство, Сибирь
The State Publishing House had its origins in Imperial Russia as the Royal Print Yard in St. Petersburg. As the Red Army controlled more provinces and cities in former Imperial Russia, the State Publishing House developed offices outside St. Petersburg. The State Publishing House in Siberia likely served the Siberian Region of Eastern Russia.
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