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26 Baku Commissars Printing House, Azerbaijan

26 Бакинских комиссаров в Баку, Азербайджана

The 26 Baku Commissars Printing House was located at 3 Ali Bairamov Street in Baku, Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic. The commissars were a group of Bolshevik and Left Socialist Revolutionary members of the Baku Soviet (a.k.a. Baku Commune), a communist quasi-state in the short-lived Azerbaijan Democratic Republic of 1917-1918. Reportedly, their leader was a personal friend of Vladimir Lenin. Their rule was cut short when they were apprehended by the anti-Soviet Centro-Caspian administration of Azerbaijan. Although they were freed (by Red Army forces), the commissars were re-apprehended and executed (in September 1918) by firing squad. In the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic as well as in the Soviet Union, the commissars were considered iconic, fallen heroes of the October Revolution. They were exalted in poems, school books, film and sculpture.

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