Poster Plakat A Collection of Posters from the Soviet Union and its Satellite Nations

Translation: Josef Vissarionovich Stalin
Poster Number: PP 578
Category: Stalin
Artist: Lavrov, Aleksei Ivanovich — Лавров, Алексей Иванович
Media Size: 29.5x22
Poster Type: Lithograph and Offset
Printer: Iskra Revolutsii (Revolutionary Spark) Typography Workshop, Moscow
Printer Notes: Iskra Revolutsii means "Revolutionary Spark"
Publisher: Iskusstvo (Art Publishing House), Moscow-Leningrad
Publishing Date: 1951
Publisher Notes: Founded in 1936, Iskusstvo was formed out of Ogiz-Izogiz, the “State Art and Literature Publishing House”.
Editorial Information: Editor V. Kolchin.
Technical Information on Poster: Publication No. 15179. Approved for printing January 27, 1951. 1/2 of a sheet of paper. Order No. 115. Price 1 ruble.
Glavlit Directory Number: A02017.
Catalog Notes: PP 578 Stalin