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Only in the Soviet Union are Jewish people given the right to the land and to voluntary labor. [Partial translation]

Poster Number: PP 1073
Poster Notes: [Top 4 scenes]: In the vice-grip of autocracy // Violence and the absence of rights // Trapped in the Pale of Settlement // Jews lived in extreme poverty.
Media Size: 39x26.5
Poster Type: Lithograph
Publishing Date: 1928
Editorial Information: Text Editor Ia. A. Slonina; [poster] Subject and Design V.S. Gliazera
Technical Information on Poster: Order No. 26; [Poster art dated] 1927
Glavlit Directory Number: A2371
Sources & Citation: Shrayer, M. D. (2018). Voices of Jewish-Russian literature: An anthology. Boston: Academic Studies Press.
Catalog Notes: PP 1073 Communist Culture b
Artist: Smekhova, P. — Смехова, П.
Printer: Tsentrizdat (Central Publishing House of the Peoples of the USSR) — Центриздат (Центральное издательство народов СССР)
Tsentrizdat was established in 1924 to consolidate East and West publishing divisions into one entity. With a focus on literature, political, scientific and educational information in the national languages of the USSR, it had offices throughout the Soviet republics and autonomous regions. Its printing house was located in Moscow along Shliuzovaia Naberezhnaia (Gateway Embankment, i.e. Gateway Passage). Tsentrizdat was dissolved in 1931 when the USSR centralized its printing and publishing industries.
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Publisher: OZET (The Society for the Land Settlement of Working Jews in the USSR) Central Board Publication — ОЗЕТ (Общество землеустройства еврейских трудящихся)
OZET was The Society for the Land Settlement of Working Jews in the USSR, (A.K.A. Jewish Toilers on the Land), and it was created in 1925. Its chief responsibility was to aid in the settlement of Jewish citizens on agriculture lands in the Soviet Union. While OZET was primarily an independent organization, it was linked to the government-formed KOMZET, the commission tasked with settling Jewish citizens. Not all settlers in the OZET/KOMZET program ...
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