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Peace on the Oder and Neisse helps secure the peace in Europe.

Poster Number: PP 1036
Poster Notes: The Oder and the Neisse are two rivers that run through Germany.
Media Size: 34.5x26
Poster Type: Lithograph and Offset
Publishing Date: 1952
Technical Information on Poster: (III/9/1) Dresden 352 7951 482600/52 DDR
Catalog Notes: PP 1036
Language: German
Artist: Schlundt, Gerhardt — Шлундт, Герхардт
Gerhardt Schlundt was a graphic artist based in East Germany.
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Printer: Sächsische Zeitung (Saxon News), Dresden — Саксонская газета, Дрезден
Sächsische Zeitung (Saxon News) was established in April 1946 as the East Saxony regional newspaper of the SED (Socialist Unity Party), the leading communist-led political party in East Germany. The newspaper replaced the previous Sächsische Volkszeitung (Saxon People’s News). Saxon News continues to publish a newspaper in the 21st century.
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Publisher: German Polish Society for Peace and Good Neighborship — Немецко-польское общество мира и добрососедства
In 1948, the Helmut von Gerlach Society for Cultural, Economic and Political Relations with New Poland was founded in Germany. The organization was named for Von Gerlach, an originator of the liberal-leaning German Democratic Party (DDP) who also strove for improved German-Polish relations during his term in the Prussian government prior to World War II. In the 1950s (under the East German government) the society changed its name to the German Polish Society for Peace and ...
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