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1917 - 1964 Glory to October! Forward to communism! Long live the communist party of the Soviet Union!

Poster Number: PP 184
Category: Revolution
Media Size: 42.5x31
Poster Type: Offset
Publishing Date: 1964
Editorial Information: Editor M. Sergeeva.
Technical Information on Poster: May 9, 1964. Publication No. 1-424. Volume 1 sheet of paper. Order No. 768. Price 10 kopeks.
Glavlit Directory Number: A 06160.
Catalog Notes: PP 184 Revolution
Artist: Mukhin, Boris Aleksandrovich — Мухин, Борис Александрович
Printer: Moscow Typolithography Workshop No. 5 —
Publisher: Sovetskii Khudozhnik (Soviet Artist), Moscow — Советский художник, Москва
Sovetskii Khudozhnik (Soviet Artist) was a publishing house that chiefly served the Artists’ Union of the USSR. The house was founded in Moscow in 1963 during a period of reorganization within the state publishing sector. Sovetskii Khudozhnik turned out albums, art reproductions, postcards and art books, catalogs, brochures and, posters. It also produced illustrated monographs on contemporary artists and collections. In the early 1990s, it was renamed Galart Publishing House.
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