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The President of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

The President of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics "On my honor I swear to serve the people of our country faithfully, to follow strictly the constitution of the USSR, to guarantee the rights and freedoms of citizens, to fulfill willingly the responsibilities of the office of the president of the USSR which have been placed on me." -- M. Gorbachev

Poster Number: PP 242
Category: Cold War
Poster Notes: Poster is shrink-wrapped on foamcore; Pictured is Mikhail Gorbachev, the final leader of the Soviet Union who served from 1985 until 1991.
Media Size: 27.5x20
Poster Type: Offset
Publishing Date: 1990
Editorial Information: Editor L. Yakhnevich. Art Editor A. Vishtaliuk. Technical Editor L. Kamineva.
Technical Information on Poster: Approved for printing March 23, 1990. Publication No. 011301936. Format 70 x 100 Volume 1/2 printing sheet. 0.65 conditional sheet of paper. Number of conditional print 3.9. Offset print. Coated paper. Order No. 157. Price 30 kopeks. L 5102000000-1
Catalog Notes: PP 242 Cold War (Shrink Wrap)
Artist: Leonov, Iurii Borisovich — Леонов, Юрий Борисович
Printer: Kommunar Publishing House Typography Workshop, Tula — Типография Коммунар, Тула
Kommunar Publishing was located in the city of Tula at 150 Friedrich Engels Street. The publishing house issued the newspaper “Kommunar”.
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Publisher: Panorama Publishers, Moscow — Издательство Панорама, Москва
Panorama Publishing House was reportedly the largest publishing house in the Soviet Union in terms of poster production. International publishing directories of the early 1990s indicate that Panorama's offices were located at 38 Bol'shoi Tishinskii Lane in Moscow. The publisher's history dates to 1974 when it was initially formed as Plakat (All-Union Poster) of Moscow. In 1990, it was named Panorama and starting in 1991; Panorama expanded its output to include fiction, reference literature and magazines.
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