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Under the banner of the Bolshevik Party, under the guidance of Lenin’s Central Committee and the leader of the world proletariat, Comrade Stalin – Forward, to greater joy and happiness of the people!

Poster Number: PP 654
Poster Notes: This poster is framed. Poster is in Ukrainian language.
Media Size: Please inquire
Poster Type: Lithograph
Publishing Date: 1935
Editorial Information: Editor D. Grinets’; Technical Editor Shubin
Technical Information on Poster: Submitted for printing February 7, 1935; Approved for printing March 3, 1935; Order No. 112; Format 71 x 110; 1 Sheet; Price 1 ruble 20 kopeks
Glavlit Directory Number: 5891. Golovlit, Ukrainian section of Glavlit
Catalog Notes: PP 654 Communist Culture (framed)
Artist: Savin (Savvin), Viktor Markiianovich — Савин (Саввин), Виктор Маркиянович
Publisher: Mistetstvo (Art Publishing House), Ukrainian SSR — Мистецтво (Искусство издательство Госкомиздата УССР)
Mistetstvo (Art Publishing House) was founded in Kharkov (Ukrainian SSR) between 1932-'34. It moved to Kiev in 1935. The publisher's chief output comprised of posters, portraits, artistic monographs and sheet music.
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