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URSR. Vote for our happiness, for the power of our fatherland, for the party led forward by the great Stalin who leads us to communism!

Poster Number: PP 231
Category: Stalin
Poster Notes: Poster is in Ukrainian language; On flag: URSR "Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic"; Compare poster to PP 058-- same poster without text.
Media Size: 42.5x28
Poster Type: Lithograph and Offset
Publishing Date: 1938
Editorial Information: Editor P. Nagorny. Technical Editor A. Shubin.
Technical Information on Poster: Mistetstvo, Kiev - 260. Submitted for publication April 13, 1938. Approved for printing May 5, 1938. Price 1 ruble.
Glavlit Directory Number: Department No. 801. [Unknown section of Glavlit]
Catalog Notes: PP 231 Stalin b; Sister poster PP 058
Artist: Deineko, P. — Дейнеко, П.
Printer: Chromolit Lithography Workshop named for Comrade Dzerzhinskii, Kharkov — Хромолит Типо-литография имени т. Дзержинского, Харьков
Located in the town of Kharkov in the Ukrainian SSR, the Chromolit Lithography Workshop was named in honor of Feliks Edmundovich Dzerzhinskii (1877-1926). Dzerzhinskii was head of the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission (VChK) that was also known as the Cheka, a "secret" police unit that handed internal and political affairs.
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Publisher: Mistetstvo (Art Publishing House), Ukrainian SSR — Мистецтво (Искусство издательство Госкомиздата УССР)
Mistetstvo (Art Publishing House) was founded in Kharkov (Ukrainian SSR) between 1932-'34. It moved to Kiev in 1935. The publisher's chief output comprised of posters, portraits, artistic monographs and sheet music.
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