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USSR Gosstrakh [State Insurance Company] Have you insured your life with Gosstrakh? [Partial translation]

Poster Number: PP 908
Category: Economy
Poster Notes: Founded in 1921, Gosstrakh (Gosudarstvennoe strakhovanie v SSSR) was the state insurance of the USSR. Its counterpart was Ingosstrakh (foreign state insurance) that offered coverage to trade organizations and tourists.
Media Size: 28x20
Poster Type: Lithograph
Publishing Date: 1944
Technical Information on Poster: FG August 23, 1944; NKMP Order 476, 477.
Sources & Citation: Borscheid, P., Haueter, N. V. (2012). World insurance: The evolution of a global risk network. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (P. 228, Gosstrakh and Ingosstrakh information); Simon, G. (1991). Nationalism and policy toward the nationalities in the Soviet Union: from totalitarian dictatorship to post-Stalinist society. Boulder: Westview Press. (Gosstrakh formation cited)
Catalog Notes: Economy b
Artist: Illegible Name — Неразборчивое Имя
Printer: Azpoligraftrust, Azerbaijan — Азполиграфтрест, Азербайджан
The Azpoligraftrust (Azerbaijan Printing Trust) was formed in 1923 to consolidate the printing industry in Azerbaijan following that territory's incorporation into the USSR as a republic. The headquarters of Azpoligraftrust was located in Baku, the capital of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic.
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Publisher: NKMP (People's Commissariat of Local Industry) — НКМП (Народного комиссариата местной промышленности)
The People's Commissariat of Local Industry (Narodnii Komissariat Mestnoi Promishlennosti) -- abbreviated NKMP -- was formed in August 1934 to manage industry in the USSR's regions and republics. While some local factories remained under a previously-created (and larger) People’s Commissariat of Industry, smaller industrial firms in the USSR typically were under the NKMP.
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