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We will wire all the collective farms of the Republic for electricity!

Poster Number: PP 791
Category: Workers
Poster Notes: The lineman on the pole wears a badge of the Komsomol, the All-Union Leninist Communist League of Youth.
Media Size: 38x27
Poster Type: Lithograph
Publishing Date: 1949
Editorial Information: Techinical Editor V. Silin’.
Technical Information on Poster: Publication Order No. 2850. Price 1 ruble 50 kopeks.
Glavlit Directory Number: IaT 12629.
Catalog Notes: PP 791 Workers b
Artist: Eger, Arvid Reynkhol'dovich (Jēgers, Arvīds) — Егер, Арвид Рейнхольдович
Printer: LPT Typography, Riga —
Publisher: Latgosizdat (Latvian State Publishing House) — Латгосиздат (Латвийское государственное издательство)
Until World War II, Latvia had thriving publishing and printing industries. Between Soviet annexation in 1940 and the German occupation in 1941, Lativa's position as a European publishing hub drastically changed. Around 1940 Lativa's largest publisher, Liesma (Flame), was nationalized during Soviet annexation. The publisher became VAPP (Department of State Book Publishers and Polygraphic Enterprises) and was controlled as a state-run entity. From 1946-1964, VAPP was named Latgosizdat and in 1965, the publisher was re-named Liesma. It specialized in ...
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