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Poster Plakat

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With the Russian Civil War relegated to history books, and with peace prevailing, the 10th anniversary of the October Revolution was poignant. This poster was created prior to the anniversary as it alerts workers they should buy industrialization bonds "before the ten-year anniversary". It also highlights the First Industrialization Loan and the Third Peasants’ Loan -- both occurred in 1927.

From 1930 onward, subscription bonds were the main source of bond proceeds in the USSR. The public subscribed either through a mass campaign (and did so via deferred payment), or through the sale of bonds for cash at savings banks (Sberkassa), the only consumer bank in the USSR. While bond subscription was voluntary, government propaganda touting the importance of the campaigns was highly prevalent and it was aimed at workers. In a mass bond campaign, typically the subscriber's payment was deducted from their wages. Bonds were only given to the subscriber when the last purchase installment was made. Outside of mass campaigns there were public loan offerings through State enterprises. They tended to be infrequent due to the illiquidity of the loans offered by the USSR's cash-poor, nationalized enterprises.

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About The Collection

Poster Plakat is a private collection of Soviet and Eastern Bloc political ephemera spanning 1916 to 1991. The collection contains over 1,000 original posters and poster maquettes. Sizes range from windowpane posters up to large, multi-panel broadsides. Numerous artists are represented such as Gustav Klutsis, Victor Deni, Nikolai Dolgorukov, Vladimir Stenberg, the Kukryniksy, Viktor Koretsky, and hundreds more. All posters are linen backed and ready for display.

If you are interested in using images from the Collection or exhibiting posters from it, please visit the Contact Us page for more information. You can also email and include the name of your organization, the name of the contact person and provide your phone number. In addition, please provide a general description of the exhibit you are considering or the poster you would like to use.