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PP 349

Poster Plakat

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"May 9th – The Day of Victory."

This Czech language poster commemorates May 9th, 1945, the date marking the end of the Second World War in Europe. On May 5, 1945, Soviet forces marched into the city of Prague (the capital of Czechoslovakia) to liberate it from German occupation. The liberation was a part of the "Prague Offensive" (fought from May 5 to May 11, 1945) and it was the last major military operation of the European war.

By February 1948, the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia was voted-in as the dominant political party of the nation, and with support from the USSR, communists held control over the country for the next four decades. The country was re-named the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic during the communist era. Czechoslovakia declared its independence from Soviet control on January 1, 1993 and, shortly after, separated into two countries -- the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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About The Collection

Poster Plakat is a private collection of Soviet and Eastern Bloc political ephemera spanning 1916 to 1991. The collection contains over 1,000 original posters and poster maquettes. Sizes range from windowpane posters up to large, multi-panel broadsides. Numerous artists are represented such as Gustav Klutsis, Victor Deni, Nikolai Dolgorukov, Vladimir Stenberg, the Kukryniksy, Viktor Koretsky, and hundreds more. All posters are linen backed and ready for display.

If you are interested in using images from the Collection or exhibiting posters from it, please visit the Contact Us page for more information. You can also email and include the name of your organization, the name of the contact person and provide your phone number. In addition, please provide a general description of the exhibit you are considering or the poster you would like to use.