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// ДЕТГИЗ // Детское Государственное Издательство // Detskoe Gosudarstvennoe izdatel'stvo // Children's State Book Publishing House

Founded in 1933 following a consolidation of children's publishing entities, The State children's publishing house maintained offices both Moscow and Leningrad. Detgiz published all children's literature in the USSR, with the exception of scholastic materials. It was tasked with creating books for children that were innovative in form and content while being instructive and faithful to works of fiction it reproduced.  Output at Detgiz was enormous. In 1960, its press ran 627 books in an aggregate printing of 124,326,000, as well as turning out books in 57 languages of the USSR and another 20 foreign language titles sent abroad. In 1991 the publishing house was divided into a Moscow department, Detskaya Literatura, and the Saint Petersburg department, Lyceum.