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// ГОСПЛАНИЗДАТ // Государственное издательство Госплана // Gosudarstvennoe izdatel'stvo Gosplana // Gosplan State Publishing House // Государственное издательство плановой и учетно-статистической литературы Госплана // Gosudarstvennoe izdatel'stvo planovoi i uchetno-statisticheskoi literatury Gosplana // Gosplan State Publishing House Of Planning And Accounting-Statistical Literature // Государственное плановое издательство // Gosudarstvennoe planovoe izdatel'stvo // State Planning Publishing House // Государственное издательство экономической, плановой и учетно-статистической литературы // Gosudarstvennoe izdatel'stvo economicheskoi, planovoi i uchetno-statisticheskoi literatury // State Publishing House Of Economic, Planning And Accounting-Statistical Literature

The Council of People's Commissars of Soviet Russia established a state planning commission, Gosplan, in 1921. The commission instituted and operated a unified, planned program for the Soviet economy that in turn, coordinated the plans and outlooks of various state-run economic departments. Gosplan had a central committee that handled the planned economy as well as the economic objectives of the Communist Party and Soviet Government. Every five years, the government developed plans for operation and these are referred to as the Five-Year Plans. Gosplan also had its own publishing department. Over the years, this was referred to as: Gosplan State Publishing House (1938-1939); Gosplan State Publishing House of Planning and Accounting-Statistical Literature (1939-1946); State Planning Publishing House (1946-1948) and the State Publishing House of Economic, Planning and Accounting-Statistical Literature (1948---1951).