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// ВХУТЕМАС // Высшие художественно-технические мастерские // Vyshie khudozhestvenno-tekhnicheskie masterskie // Higher Artistic Technical Studios

Vkhutemas was an art and technical school created in 1920 in Moscow. A merger of two schools formed Vkhutemas: the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture and the Stroganov School of Applied Arts.  Vkhutemas taught architecture but intertwined the discipline with industrial and technical design, textiles, sculpture and painting courses.  In 1926-27, reorganization changed the Studio's title to "Institute" and it became known by its portmanteau, VKhuTEIN.  Rife with inner-departmental conflicts and squeezed by pressure from Soviet politicians, the institute closed in 1930.  Faculty and students were dispersed into at least six other schools in the Soviet Union.