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Boichuk, Timofei L'vovich
Бойчук, Тимофей Львович
Born Romanovka, Russian Empire (Ternopol', Ukraine), c. 1898; died (Kiev?), 1922

Timofei Boichuk was a member of ARMU (Association of Revolutionary Art of Ukraine). He produced figurative portraits and genre painting primarily in tempera. His most noted works are, Torgovtsi semechakmi [Sellers of Sunflower Seeds], Gruppovoi portret [Group Portrait] and, Molochnitsa [Milkmaid]. All three paintings are held in the collection of the Ukrainian Museum of Fine Arts in Kiev. In 1919, during the Russian Civil War, Boichuk assisted in the design of murals for the Red Army barracks at Kiev and he worked on decorations for the Kiev Opera House. Throughout the civil war Boichuk produced a number of political and military propaganda posters for the Red Army, signing his works with the initials T.B. He was the younger brother of Mikhail L’vovich Boichuk, a prominent artist in his own right.

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