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Chelnokov, Leonid Konstantinovich

Челноков, Леонид Константинович

Born 1919, Moscow, USSR; died 2003, Moscow, Russia

Leonid Konstantinovich Chelnokov was a graphic artist who designed the packaging for numerous candy and food products made in the USSR. During the 1930s, Chelnokov studied under Konstantin Yuon, the noted Russian painter and theater designer of Mir Iskusstva (Art of Peace). Chelnokov also studied at the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions and, he took private lessons from other artists. During the Second World War, Chelnokov worked as an artist with the Red Army 27th Division in their Political Department.

In the post-war, he embarked on his long-time career-- package design for Moscow alimentary plants. Most noted were his designs for the Krasnii Oktiabr' (Red October) Confectionery where he eventually became the design chief. Chelnokov designed packaging for the (now classic) Soviet confections such as “Alenka”, “Cheburashka”, "Stratosfera", "Kis-Kis”, and scores of others. In addition, he designed labels for cheese, vodka, and wine. Leonid Chelnokov’s designs were awarded gold medals at the exhibitions in Brussels (1958), Leipzig (1978) and, at the Plovdiv Fair of 1986. Chelnokov retired from professional design in 1990.

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