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Gromitskii, Iosif Ivanovich

Громицкий, Иосиф Иванович

Born 1904 Starosel'tsev (Belarus), Russian Empire; died 1991, Moscow

Iosif Ivanovich Gromitskii was born in a part of the Russian Empire that is today the country of Belarus. For the majority of his adult life, he lived and worked in Moscow. From 1923 to 1930, Gromitskii studied at VKhUTEIN [Higher Art and Technical Institute] under the tutelage of Dimitri Moor, a prolific poster artist. For his diploma work, he created illustrations for Victor Hugo's book, Gavroche. Gromitskii was a member of OMAKhR (Youth Association of Artists of the Revolution) and AKhR (Association of Artists of the Revolution). Around 1930, he began working as a poster designer and in 1932, he began to exhibit his works publicly.

During World War II, Iosif Gromitskii worked designing propaganda posters for the war effort. In the post-war era, the artist continued to work in the field of posters and began a long-time collaboration with the State Art Publishing House, Izogiz.

Gromitskii took part in Republican, All-Union and Moscow-based exhibitions including: The Poster in the Service of The Five-Year Plan held in 1932; Poster and Satire 40 years of Moscow artists' works held in 1958; and in the 1967 exhibit, 50 Years of the Soviet Political Poster. Gromitskii was a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR, and he was a member of the Society of Revolutionary Poster Workers (ORRP).

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