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Kolochkov, Ivan Tikhonovich

Колочков, Иван Тихонович

Born August 31, 1905, Tver, Imperial Russia; died 1961, location unknown, USSR

Ivan Tikhonovich Kolochkov (1905-1961) was a graphic artist from Ivanovo Russia. During the Second Word War, he collaborated with the Ivanovo Regional State Publishing House designing posters. After graduating from Tver Art School in 1923, Kolochkov began working as an illustrator for Tverskaia Pravda [Tver Pravda]. There, his name was associated with the development of graphics and cartoons in the region. In 1927, the local newspaper Rabochii Krai (Working Territory) invited the artist to work for the staff. His career blossomed in the mid-1950s and into the 1950s. For the 25th anniversary of Kolochkov's work as professional artist, the Ivanovo Regional Union of Soviet Artists organized an exhibition. Ivan Tikhonovich Kolochkov was a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.

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