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Korobov, Alexander Alexeevich
Коробов, Александр Алексеевич
Born Dorogobuzh, Smolensk, Russian Empire, 1905; died 1977, Moscow

In his youth, Aleksandr Alekseevich Korobov attended secondary school in Dorogobuzh and he attended drawing classes at a local art studio in that city. In 1923, he moved to Smolensk where he continued studies at the Ministry of Public Education’s IZO studio. To earn money, he worked as a staff artist at a regional newspaper and taught drawing at a middle school. From 1925 to 1930, Korobov studied at the Moscow branch of VKhUTEIN [Higher State Artistic and Technical Institute]. While a student there in 1929, he joined the A.Kh.R.R. [Association of Artists of the Russian Revolution]. Upon graduation from VKhUTEIN, Korobov worked in Moscow and participated in All-Union artistic exhibitions. He also participated in several important revoltionary artistic exhibits such as the “11th Exhibition of A.Kh.R.R.’s ‘Art For The Masses’" (1929), the “21st Exhibition of Hero Workers, Workers of Cooperation and Socialist Construction and of the Third Year of The Five-Year Plan” (1931) and, in 1933, he took part in the “OSOAVIAKhIM Defense Exhibit for the 15th Anniversary of the Red Army”. In 1932, Korobov became a founding member of MOSSKh [Moscow Section of the Union of Soviet Artists], a group that later melded into the broad-based Artists’ Union of the USSR. In 1941 he was drafted for Red Army service in World War II and after the war, he continued to work in Moscow participating in monumental exhibitions in the city. Korobov was a founder of VOOPIK [All-Russian Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture], an organization that oversaw and recommended the preservation and protection of architecture and art in the USSR. His paintings are held in numerous Russian museums and in private collections throughout the world.

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